Tournament Rules
Tournament Rules

WSOP Casino Tournament Rules

The WSOP does not have a single game tournament, but multiple games such as Texas Hold’em , Omaha Hold’em, and Seven Card Stud.

Over 60 events will be held during the period. And it is a mechanism to decide the winner for each. With such a large number of competitions and players from all over the world, the WSOP is also known as the ” Poker Olympics .”

And the most notable of the WSOP is what is called the main event. This main event is the event that determines the number one poker player in the world, and the WSOP is held every year from May to July, but only the final table of this main event is held in November.

The participation fee for this main event is $ 10,000, and anyone can participate if they pay this participation fee. Other tournaments cost around $ 300, but this main event has a very high entry fee.

Nearly 10,000 participants from all over the world will gather at the main event, and the number one in the world will be decided. In the case of this main event, prize money will be awarded from 1,182th place. In addition, the WSOP has set up the Player of the Year Award since 2004, selecting the most active poker players of the year.

How to participate in the WSOP

The WSOP is not an invitation system or an online pre-registration system, so the participation method is a little special.

Here’s an easy-to-understand explanation of how to participate in the WSOP.

  1. Creating a Total Reward Card

To participate in the WSOP, first go to the venue, the Rio All Suite Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

Then, since the reception desk dedicated to WSOP is set up, first register for the Total Reward Card. The Total Reward Card is a card that manages Comp, which is common to hotel casinos, and can be used to register information in the poker system.

Total Reward Cards can be made not only at Rio All Suite Casino Hotels, but also at any partner hotel. The reception may be crowded during the event, so it is recommended to register in advance.

  1. Registration for the WSOP

After creating the Total Reward Card, register to participate in the event. There is a special room called Tournament Registration for this registration, so head to it.

To register for this registration, you will need to pay the entry fee, Total Reward Card, and passport. Then tell them which event you want to attend, pay the entry fee, and you will be given two copies of the Tournament Buy-In Receipt. It has a table and seat number.

  1. Seated at the table

After registering, you will be seated according to the table and seat number listed on the Tournament Buy-In Receipt. At the table, the dealer will verify your identity and collect the part of the Tournament Buy-In Receipt where the Dealer Copy is written.

Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is play poker and aim for victory!

At the WSOP, you only need to show your passport and there will be no special screening. Therefore, even beginners can participate if they pay the participation fee.