A Kid's Place

A Kid's Place | Residential Care Facility

A Community Initiative of Kids Charity of Tampa Bay

Founded by Kid’s Charity of Tampa Bay and a community of caring leaders and philanthropists, A Kid’s Place was established with children’s best interest in mind.  Our mission at A Kid’s Place is to protect and care for neglected and abused children who have been removed from their homes.  A Kid’s Place provides comfort and safety in a stable and nurturing environment at a critical time.

A Kid’s Place is a unique program designed to support the foster care system by providing emergency residential care for siblings.  Until June, 2009, a sibling group of 2-3 or more children sheltered due to abuse were often separated and sent to different foster families and group homes according to availability, and age or special needs of the child.  Studies that evaluate the outcome of this process have determined that it was more detrimental to split siblings than it was to separate them from their parents.  We knew it was time to do things differently.

Children at A Kid’s Place reside in a home-like setting with live-in house parents.  Members of a particular sibling group will be housed in the same home (the facility has 5 homes on site) to provide consistency for the family unit.  This model is paramount to the family’s development; providing a safe, stable and loving environment in an otherwise traumatic period in the children’s lives.

Our children, not only have life enriching activities, but, depending on length of stay, they also have access to wellness exams, behavioral, dental, educational, and speech development services.  The ultimate goal is to provide these quality services to our children as well as enable the foster care system adequate time to place these children together as a group, keeping that family united.

The tough times in our community, and in our nation, have certainly created a challenge for funding this wonderful program.  We know we are making a difference in the lives of the children we serve; we have the benefit of witnessing that impact every day.  We invite you to join us in creating a stronger community by investing in a better and more stable future for these children.


A Kid’s Place

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