Dottie Berger MacKinnon House


Dottie Berger MacKinnon’s legacy is more than the bricks and mortar that built A Kid’s Place, more than her advocacy for our most vulnerable children and more than the funds she has raised.  Dottie’s legacy can be summarized by the smiles she puts on the faces of these children.  When Dottie was diagnosed with cancer, she and her husband Sandy decided to turn personal pain into a way to help others.  They launched the Dottie Berger MacKinnon Matching Gift Campaign, “The Gift that Keeps on Giving”.  Through the support of family and friends, more than $1 Million was raised to match a gift from her husband Sandy MacKinnon.  Again Dottie and Sandy proved there are many who share their passion for helping children and wanted to help by supporting their campaign.  

On May 30, 2011, a mere twenty-four weeks after the campaign was launched, the mortgage on A Kid’s Place was symbolically burned. When asked about the campaign, Sandy responded "It shows how much people care as well as how much regard they have for Dottie."  "This is a great community we live in."  As a result of the success of the campaign and the affect it has on the future of A Kid’s Place, the Board of Directors for Kids Charity of Tampa Bay honored Dottie with naming one of the five houses at A Kid’s Place the Dottie Berger MacKinnon House.  For the children who live there, it is simply the “Dottie” house. The entry sign at A Kid’s Place was also enhanced to include the name of our Founder and Visionary, Dottie Berger MacKinnon.  Thank you Dottie and Sandy for your continued commitment our kids

AKP_signDottie Berger MacKinnon House