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For the past several years the employees of Lazydays, the largest single-site recreational vehicle dealer, have had an unbridled passion for supporting children’s charities in Florida’s Tampa Bay area. In order to enhance their ability to support these causes, they created The Lazydays Employee Foundation, the “Foundation,” a not-for-profit corporation.

Lazydays Employee Foundation

Lazydays employs approximately 500 employees and their Foundation is led by a volunteer board of directors consisting solely of individuals from departments across the entire company. The directors heading up the board were selected based on the leadership they have demonstrated within the company as well as their commitment to charitable causes within the community.

Over two years ago, after hearing about the development of A Kid’s Place and learning about the project, the Foundation pledged $400,000 to become a house sponsor. The employees quickly went to work to raise the pledge money for the Lazydays House, which was accomplished in great part through payroll deductions and internal fundraisers. Today, the Lazydays House is fully furnished and well-stocked with food, clothes and toys to provide each of its children with a comfortable home environment. After years of fundraising and planning, the employeesof Lazydays are excited and proud to see their dream evolve into a reality.

It is the mission of the Foundation to leave an enduring legacy by "measurably changing the lives of children by instilling hope, inspiring dreams and empowering them with education."

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