Dukes Palmetto House

palmettohouse“Harold Dukes and the Dukes family have a tradition of helping childrens charities.  As friend to our abused, abandoned and neglected children, Harold and his family have pledged financial support for A Kid’s Place and have earned the right to name one of the five residential homes as the “Dukes Palmetto House”.  This name was selected to reflect the community in which the Dukes live and to have a pleasant association for the children that will be housed there.  The children often associate themselves with the house in which they reside.  Like the Lazydays, Sammy Sullivan and Dottie Berger MacKinnon houses which came before, we are certain the Palmetto House is appropriately named and will be rolling of the lips of our children in no time.  We want to THANK Mr. & Mrs. Dukes and the entire Children’s Cancer Cooperative family for their unconditional support and generosity.”

kids at playground

Harold T. Dukes is the founder of Children‘s Cancer Cooperative, Inc. He and his wife Rosie have four children and eight grandchildren. Harold and his family live on a farm in rural Charleston County in South Carolina. Harold feels like God has blessed him his entire life, not only financially but also with his health and the health of his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Because of God’s abundant blessings, Harold believes that he should share these gifts with others. Harold’s desire and wishes are to give to others as God has given to him.

If you wish to make a donation to the operation of the Dukes Palmetto House, please use the link below.