Dangers and Avoidances in Poker
Dangers and Avoidances in Poker

Dangers and Avoidances in Poker

Dangers and Avoidances in Poker

People malaysia casino online may not be able to see things objectively due to their own beliefs or biased information. This distortion of fact is called ” bias “, and one of them is called ” survivorship bias “.

This article provides an overview of survivorship bias and its relationship to poker. It also introduces how to overcome survivorship bias, so please refer to it.

Survival bias” is also called “survivorship bias” and refers to focusing only on successful people such as people and companies and ignoring those that have failed. It is regarded as one of the selection biases because it excludes only people, things, and things that exceed some criteria and excludes others.

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When we hear about the survivors of an accident, we tend to think that the accident wasn’t too dangerous. That’s because everyone who hears is a survivor and can’t talk to the dead. This creates a bias in trying to determine the misery of the accident.

Examples of survivorship bias

Here are some examples of how survivorship bias worked.

Second World War

During World War II, the Allies investigated which parts of the fighter were hit but returned to determine which parts of the fighter to strengthen their armor, and provided data on which parts were damaged. I collected it. And I tried to strengthen the armor of the place that was hit the most.

However, this data does not include any data on the plane that was hit and crashed, so there is already a survivorship bias here.

So statistician Abraham Wald considered survivorship bias when deciding which part of the fighter to armor. Wald pointed out that the Allied forces were only collecting data on fighters best malaysia online casino returning from mission, and said the problem was that the bombers that were shot down were not included in the damage assessment.

Wald then suggested that the returning fighter reinforce the undamaged area. I thought it was because the holes in the returned fighter represent a safe place to return if the bomber is damaged. This is said to have greatly improved the return rate of fighters.

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